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Soap Filled Loofahs

Bill's Bees Handmade Beeswax Soap Filled Loofahs are natural loofah gourd sponges crafted to a comfortable size to fit your hand. They're filled with our pure, natural honey and beeswax soap. Bill's wife, Liane, makes the soap from scratch starting with pure olive, coconut, and other skin nourishing oils, cocoa butter, and pure, natural honey and beeswax produced by Bill's Bees. No animal fats are used in our soaps. Our soaps are all vegetable oil based, with no artificial colors. Beeswax makes a harder, longer lasting, finer textured soap with an especially rich lather. Just get the loofah wet in the shower and enjoy a soapy scrub!

Cinnamon Spice Soap Filled Loofah

This soap combines the aromatic scent of cinnamon with the fragrance of cloves. Trul...

Details $ 7.50

Honey Soap Filled Loofah

Delightfully simple, scented only with Bill's Bees pure sweet honey.  Honey is a hum...

Details $ 7.50

Lavender Soap Filled Loofah

This soap combines the classic scent of lavender with a light undertone of lemon for...

Details $ 7.50

Lemon Pumice Soap Filled Loofah

Pumice scrubs away dirt and grime from your hands and lemongrass gives them a fresh...

Details $ 7.50

Spearmint and Eucalyptus Soap Filled Loofah

Uplift your day with the lightly sweet aroma of spearmint blended with the clear fre...

Details $ 7.50

Strawberries and Champagne Soap Filled Loofah

Strawberries and champagne fragrance scents this soap. Powdered dried strawberries a...

Details $ 7.50

Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Soap Filled Loofah

This soap has the fresh scent of peppermint and is made with legendary Australian Te...

Details $ 7.50