Bees: VSH-Italian Queen Bees 'Unmarked'

2017 VSH-Italian Queen Bees ($40): VSH-Italian Queen Bees 'unmarked', mated, with known gentle genetics. ready to lay eggs. Bill's Bees VSH-Italian Queen Bees (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) are ideal for the hobby beekeeper or the commercial beekeeper needing to re-queen. Bill's Bees VSH-Italian queen bees are the best bees to use in an urban setting and would be excellent for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles. Italian bees have been a favorite among beekeepers since they were first introduced to the New World in the 1850’s. They are known to be gentle of temperament, easy to work with, readily build comb, diligent housekeepers which helps them with control of wax moth and resistance to diseases, very prolific, wonderful foragers, excellent honey producers, with less tendency to swarm. Bill's Bees Italian queens come in a screened cage with attendants. Unmarked queens are $40. Queens can be marked for an additional $5. Just make sure you also order 'Queen Marking' to have your queen marked. 


WE DO NOT SHIP OUR BEES. We will notify you when and where to pick up your bees. 

Queens Available beginning mid-April for 2017 season.

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$ 40.00