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Medium Box Complete Hive Special! 
Complete Hive (Deep Box) 
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Nucleus Colonies 
VSH-Italian Queen Bees 

Bill's Bees sells VSH-Italian Queen Bees from our favorite breeders in Northern California where there are no Africanized Honey Bees. We sell only Italian Honey Bees with known gentle genetics that are easy to work with and build up abundantly for pollination and honey production. Whether you are a new beekeeper or already an experienced beekeeper, these bees are perfect for you. These bees are ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles. We thank you for purchasing your bees and queens from Bill's Bees. 
Medium Box Complete Hive Special!Medium Box Complete Hive Special ($275) SOLD OUT! A complete hive is an established nucleus colony with a VSH Italian queen. It includes a used commercial grade hive top, bottom board, and medium (6-5/8”) hive body containing: 6 frame nucleus colony (4 frames brood in all stages, 2 frames with honey and pollen) and 4 additional undrawn plastic frames to fill out the box. These hives will need an additional box to expand into within a few weeks of taking them home. Estimated pick-up date: Mid-May!

Package Bees ($195) SOLD OUT! 3 lbs Italian honey bees in a screened cage includes a VSH Italian mated, marked queen in a separate screened queen cage (with attendants). The known gentle genetics of these Italian Honey Bees make them ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles. Packages can be installed in any style hive. The VSH-Italian queen bee is produced and mated in Northern, CA where there are no Africanized genetics ensuring gentle behaving offspring. Estimated pick-up date Mid-April.

Nucleus Colony ($275) SOLD OUT! 5 frame Nucs on deep frames  includes a VSH-Italian marked queen with known gentle genetics. These are Italian honey bees with known gentle genetics and are ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles. 5 frame Nucs on deep frames. Estimated pick-up date Mid-May.

Complete Hive (Deep Box) ($350) SOLD OUT! 
A complete hive is an established nucleus colony and includes a VSH-Italian marked queen, a painted deep hive body, bottom board fastened to the box and lid, plus 5 additional undrawn new frames to fill out the box. These are Italian honey bees with known gentle genetics and are ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in LA. Estimated pick-up date Mid-May.

2020 VSH Italian Queens ($55) SOLD OUT! (VSH-Varroa Sensitive Hygiene), marked, mated, with known gentle genetics. Available sometime in April.



Hive Stand ($50)  Heavy Duty steel hive stand with 4 legs that can be placed in cans filled with motor oil, to isolate the hive, if ants are a problem.  This stand is also tall enough that skunks can not reach the hive if they are a problem.  Can support at least 200 lbs.  It is best to locate your hive in the direct sun on a dry, solid surface. Available for PICK UP ONLY! 

: There is a $25 restocking fee for packages, nucs, complete hives, and queens not picked up or cancelled orders. 


PICK UP DATES (nucs, complete hives, queens) TBD.


18710 Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91387.

PICK UP INFORMATION: When you're checking out, your contact information requires your email and telephone number so we can contact you regarding when and where to pick up your bees. You may contact us via OUR NEW EMAIL:, or call 818-312-1691.

Thank you for purchasing your bees from Bill's Bees. Check back in November 2020 for 2021 Bees for Sale! 

Bill's Bees: VSH-Italian Queen Bees (Marked)

2020 VSH-Italian Queen Bees (marked) ($55) Sold Out for 2020! Bill's Bees VSH-Italia...

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Bees in Nucs

2020 Bees in Nucs ($275) Sold Out for 2020: 5 frame Nucs on deep frames includes a 2...

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Bees: Complete Hive

Complete Hive (Deep Box) ($350): Sold Out for 2020! A complete hive is an establishe...

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Bees in Packages

2020 Bees in Packages ($195): Sold Out for 2020: 3 lbs Italian honey bees in a scree...

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BEES: Medium Box Complete Hive Special!

Complete Hive Special (Medium Box) ($275) Sold Out for 2020: A complete hive is an e...

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Hive Stand

Hive Stand $50 Heavy Duty steel hive stand with 4 legs that can be placed in cans f...

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