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Bill's Bees Honey Bears

Welcome to Bill's Bees Online Store! 
GOOD NEWS!!! ONLINE PURCHASE IS NOW AVAILABLE for shipping & Farmer’s Market pickup for Bill’s Bees NEW HARVEST of Almond Blossom, Avocado, Orange Blossom, Sage Wildflower and Wildflower Honeys and for all our Beeswax Soaps, Lotions & Lip Balms. Buckwheat honey will be available for online purchase toward the end of June. All our honeys are available at Farmers Markets. Bill's Bees would like to thank you very much for your patience during this move up the canyon. We value your business and look forward to serving you long into the future. ~ Bill Lewis

Bill's Bees 100% Pure Raw Honey - Just the Way the Bees Made It!
Almond BlossomAvocadoBuckwheatOrange Blossom
Sage WildflowerWildflower. 

We also make our own wonderful Caramelized Honey.

Bill's Bees honey comes in Honey Bears, Jars, and Jugs. 

Our 100% Raw Wildflower Honeycomb is sold in Boxes and Jars.

HoneyStix are available in FloralNatural, and Gourmet Varieties.

Raw honey is pure honey that has not been filtered or heated and contains all the pollen, enzymes and micronutrients that are usually filtered out or destroyed by heat when honey is processed. Read about Bill's Bees honey on our Bees & Honey page.

Almond Blossom Honey

NEW HARVEST - Bill’s Bees 100% Raw Almond Blossom Honey has a sharp, tangy flavor wi...

Details $ 3.00

Avocado Honey

NEW HARVEST Bill's Bees 100% Raw Avocado Honey is a dark, rich, buttery, honey with...

Details $ 3.00

Buckwheat Honey

Bill's Bees 100% Raw Local Buckwheat Honey is a darker, more robust honey, stronger...

Details $ 3.00

Caramelized Honey

Bill's Bees' Caramelized Honey is a unique honey with a wonderful complex caramel fl...

Details $ 9.50

Orange Blossom Honey

NEW HARVEST - Bill's Bees 100% Raw Orange Blossom Honey from the California citrus g...

Details $ 3.00

Sage Wildflower Honey

NEW HARVEST - Bill's Bees 100% Raw Local Sage Wildflower Honey. Our Sage Wildflower...

Details $ 3.00

Wildflower Honey

NEW HARVEST - Bill's Bees 100% Raw Local Wildflower Honey has a traditional, more fl...

Details $ 3.00