HoneyStix Gourmet Flavored

Bill's Bees Gourmet Flavored HoneyStix are bursting with flavor and come in a variety of brilliant colors. They're delightful to look at, fun to eat, and oh, so yummy! The straws are filled with pure clover honey. You can purchase online or at our farmers markets for the same price: 20 Stix/$4.00 (5 oz), 100 Stix/$17.50 (24 oz). US Grade "A" honey. Product of the USA. Also try our: HoneyStix Natural Flavored Varieties and HoneyStix Floral Varieties.

Ingredients for Gourmet Flavored HoneyStix: Honey and artificial color and flavorings. 

Note: If we are 'Sold Out' of your HoneyStix choice, please check back. Thank you!

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$ 4.00