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  • Bees in Packages

Bees in Packages

2017 Bees in Packages - SOLD OUT! $155: 3 lbs Italian honey bees in a screened cage with VSH Italian mated 'unmarked' queen in a separate screened queen cage (with attendants). The known gentle genetics of these Italian Honey Bees make them ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles. Packages can be installed in any style hive.

The VSH-Italian queen bee is produced and mated in Northern, CA where there are no Africanized genetics ensuring gentle behaving offspring. Yes, they can still sting.

Queens can be marked for an additional $5. Then, if you observe an unmarked queen you will know if your hive has swarmed. Colonies that swarm, produce a new queen that will mate with local drones, some of which will be Africanized. Resulting offspring will be more aggressive. Make sure your order 'Queen Marking' to have your queen marked.


RESTOCKING CHARGE: There is a $25. Restocking fee for packages, nucs, and complete hives not picked up or canceled orders.

2018 bees available for purchase December 2017.

CONTACT US: You may contact us via email at billsbees@wildblue.net or call 818-312-1691.

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