HoneyStix Floral Varieties

Bill's Bees Floral Varieties are 100% Natural Pure Honey from California. Enjoy Almond Blossom, Avocado Blossom, Buckwheat, Orange Blossom, and Wildflower made by Bill's Bees honey bees when they gather nectar from California's Avocado and Orange groves and from native plants of the local San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County. No colors or flavors have been added. You can purchase online or at Farmers Markets for the same price. 20 Stix/$4 (5 oz), 100 Stix/$17.50 (24 oz). 

Ingredients: Honey

Note: If we are 'Sold Out' of your HoneyStix choice, please check back in August. Thank you!

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