Bees: Queen Marking

When you purchase your unmarked Italian queen bee from Bill's Bees in one of our bee packages, nucs, or complete hives, or as an individual Italian Queen, you can have your queen marked for an additional $5.00. 

The price of the unmarked queen is included in the purchase of your Nuc. All our Nucs contain Italian queens with the same genetics as our packages. Nucs take the guess work out of introducing a queen to a package of bees and ensures a queen with proven egg laying performance. Queens can be marked for an additional $5. Then, if you observe an unmarked queen you will know if your hive has swarmed. Colonies that swarm, produce a new queen that will mate with local drones, some of which will be Africanized. Resulting offspring will be more aggressive. It is desirable to have honey bees with gentle, known genetics, especially in Backyard Beekeeping.


WE DO NOT SHIP OUR BEES. We will notify you when and where to pick up your bees. 

We are SOLD OUT of Queen Bees for the 2016 Season. Queens Available beginning mid-April for 2017 season.

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$ 5.00