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 Pick-up at our Location: 
12640 Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Lakeview Terrace, CA 91342
You may also contact us at: Contact Us Form, email: 
(818) 312-1691

Order Packages and Nucs to be added to our list for distribution in April and May. We will contact you near the later part of March for a firm pick up date for packages and the later part of April for a firm pick up date of nucs.

Package Bees Description ($100): Available about the 1st Week in April 3 pounds of bees in screened cage with an ‘Italian’ queen included in a small separate screened cage produced and mated in Northern CA where there are no Africanized genetics ensuring gentle behaving offspring. Yes, they can still sting. Packages can be installed in any style hive. 

Nucleus Colony: 5 Deep Frame or 6 Medium Frame Nucleus Colony ($175). Available about the 1st Week in May. This is a small already established working colony occupying 5 deep frames or 6 medium frames (you must specify) with fully drawn out honeycombs. Nucs will have a minimum of 3 frames with brood in all stages from egg to hatching bees and 2 more frames with honey and pollen(bee food) to sustain the colony while it grows. Nucs are 5 deep frames to fit in a deep hive body unless otherwise specified. All our Nucs contain Italian queens with the same genetics as our packages. Nucs take the guess work out of introducing a queen to a package of bees and ensures a queen with proven egg laying performance. Queens can be marked for an additional $5. Then, if you observe an unmarked queen you will know if your hive has swarmed. Colonies that swarm, produce a new queen that will mate with local drones, some of which will be Africanized. Resulting offspring will be more aggressive. Bring your deep or medium box to us with attached bottom board and lid and extra frames to fill out the box. We will place the nucleus colony in your box, reduce the entrance and screen the remaining opening so you can easily transport the whole hive home in your vehicle.

Complete Hive ($275). A Complete Hive is the Nucleus colony described above that includes a painted deep hive body, bottom board fastened to the box and lid plus 5 additional undrawn new frames to fill out the box. You may choose to substitute an internal frame style feeder (with cap and ladders) for 3 of the undrawn frames.

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