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Bees in Nucs

2017 Bees in Nucs - $215: Nucs on deep and medium frames with 2017 Queens are AVAILA...

Details $ 215.00

Bees in Packages

2017 Bees in Packages - $155: 3 lbs Italian honey bees in a screened cage with VSH...

Details $ 155.00

Bees: 'Marked' Queen

When you purchase your unmarked Italian queen bee from Bill's Bees in one of our bee...

Details $ 5.00

Bees: A Complete Hive

2017 Complete Hive -  $315: Buy a Complete Hive of Italian honey bees with known gen...

Details $ 315.00

Bees: VSH-Italian Queen Bees 'Unmarked'

2017 VSH-Italian Queen Bees ($40): VSH-Italian Queen Bees 'unmarked', mated, with kn...

Details $ 40.00